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Often we hear and read the term in the world of internet resellers. What's reseller?. Maybe some people already know what is the sense of resellers here. I just review the definition of a reseller about it. Re means again, sellers means seller, so sense resellers are reselling a product that is made ​​by the seller after the seller bought it. Most people are still misconceptions about the definition of a reseller here. They think that it makes them media resellers to sell, because the fact is most people buy a product from a website and promote its url in the hope of a commission. Though reseller itself is merely one feature only of the online business in which there is no compulsion. If you are lazy promote your url replicas do not expect the commission comes into its own because of the principle that Internet business Promotion = traffic = money. So ikalau lazy promoting other people why YOU are not selling any products YOU own is with the product itself without resellers mempromosiian no other frills, and enjoy the results themselves. For those of you who want to have their own product why not try just earn extra money. Product = behavior = money coming your account.

ONLINE BUSINESS suitable for beginners there is the system resellers, and from the beginning to create a blog. From this blog so we can make money on the internet. Measures its business include:

1. Create a free blog through a variety of free blog service providers such as through
Terms creating a blog is very simple, you should have an email in gmail, and therefore make a email free email service owned by Google.
After that sign up to and create a blog on as directed. So your blog is simply already be in use
for online businesses.

2. Registering a business site.
In principle, your blog is a window of marketing your product. Well since you do not have a product then you should buy the product and remarket the product. The price difference is determined that the results of your internet income. This system is widely known by the name of the system reseller or affiliate.

3. Quickly reseller Marketing
How to market your blog url resellers can pass, and the more crowded your blog visited the greater the sales occur. Url resellers can also marketed through your facebook account or email us to distribute our friends

4. Spread the url of our resellers spread through websites advertising free, can pass etc., please search on google to find hundreds of free ad sites on the internet to market your product.

The dropshipping freight from suppliers to buyers through the mediation of resellers. For example, I took the 10 descriptions and images from a supplier of goods, then I sold it to offer it through my website or facebook or other.

Case in point: I see stuff in stores online or in a shop on facebook, then I take the 10 best goods and raise prices as a profit margin of 40% for each item sold. The goods are then I offer to friends on Facebook and if any of my friends who want to buy it then he would ask me to transfer the money to me then I will buy goods from online stores that have disebuah I'm into dropship and told and told the online store directly send the goods to my friends.

Attention!!! Dropshipping is not the same as the realtor!!!

The fundamental difference between the dropshipping freight broker is anonymity, or simply suppliers that send the goods to the buyer will write that the poster is a reseller in question, not the suppliers, so if at any time the buyer wants to buy more goods then he can not know the supplier directly but through resellers.

The picture is as shown below

Excess dropshipping business (+)

* No need to purchase capital goods for new purchases made ​​where there is a demand;
* No need to warehouse and inventory;
* Has its own customers because buyers do not know that I do dropshipping methods, so do not worry about losing buyers remain, for example, if the buyer wants to buy more then on his next purchase would buy again through me.

Disadvantages dropshipping business (-)

* If the supplier has a limited stock of goods, then we need to monitor stock supplier because if the stock runs out and there is a request then we should find another dropshipper that provide the same goods or refund the money that has been sent is like the stock really is not there. To do this it takes control of the stock checking app, for example Outstockchecker.

Capital for doing business online

* Have a computer + internet cafe or use but also can not be recommended;
* Willing to work long in front of computers, diligent, willing to learn and not be lazy to find information;
* Must be able to use the internet, at least can send email and browse the internet;
* Can the local language, preferably speak English, not necessarily perfect, one-one little grammar engga nothing but a scar: P
* Bank savings account, credit cards with Visa or Master card to be able to transact International;
* Money to taste (depending on the type of online business)

We will meet and greet about this business at penginapan nyaman di bandung, make sure you are registered and check the date.

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